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ABP is an open source application framework focused on ASP.NET Core based web application development, but also supports developing other types of applications.

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Project Status

ABP is the next generation of the open source ASP.NET Boilerplate framework. It's currently in early preview stage and not ready to use in production. The documentation is still in progress and it is incomplete yet.

For short-term and production level applications, it's suggested to use ASP.NET Boilerplate framework which has rich feature set, mature, actively maintained and up-to-date.

Getting Started

Easiest way to start a new project with ABP is to use the startup templates:

If you want to start from scratch (with an empty project) then manually install the ABP Framework and use the following tutorials:

Source Code

ABP is hosted on GitHub. See the source code.

Want to Contribute?

ABP is a community-driven open source project. See the contribution guide if you want to be a part of this project.


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